Camping El Astral

♦ Valladolid ♦


EL ASTRAL is a first class camp, situated at Tordesillas (Valladolid) in the very centre of Castilla y Leon. It is perfect for visiting the whole province and region in a few one-day-trips (100 km. -average- from all the capital cities). And a very good stop for your driving across Spain.
Our camp is very convenient for either long or short stays. Beside the Duero river and only 1 km. from town, its level pitches and good shade make your stay more comfortable. The atmosphere is very familiar and we are proud of our friendly staff.

Enjoy our 30.000 sq.m. in contact with the Nature. 600 trees, Green areas, Bungalows, Two swimming-pools, Playing courts, Tennis, Mini-golf, Basket-Ball and Garden terrace.

Clean environment is one of our mottos. We have been heating the water for 28 years thanks to the sun energy. Not even a liter of water is poured into the river without being treated in our depurator system. And we have a recycling system for green detritus, glass, paper and old batteries.

EL ASTRAL is recommended throughout Europe by its peace, cleanliness, service quality and helpful staff. You can choose among various sport and leisure activities in the camp and in the neighbourhood. We offer a great variety of tourist routes. We even own a small Tourist Office. Ask for information. Bookings are very welcome. And we’ll understand your language.

Our last advice for now: Try our prestigious Restaurant and taste the “Gallo Turresilano” (Rooster) and other dishes of the local and regional gastronomy.

Our “mottos” are:
– A un paso, which means Near Everything.
– Turismo no contaminante, meaning Clean Tourism.