Camping Río Nela

♦ Burgos ♦


Camping Río Nela is in the municipality of Trespaderne, a town located in the North of the province of Burgos and located in the region of “Las Merindades”. Three rivers flow through their lands: Ebro, Nela and Jerea.

They conform an extraordinary landscape. Good proof of this are: Sierra de la Tesla, Desfiladero de la Horadada, etc. It is a step away from valleys as spectacular as those of Valdivieso, Manzanedo, Zamanzas and of towns like Frías, Oña and Poza de la Sal whose beauty one can only appreciate visiting them.

In Camping Rio Nela we have several models of wooden bungalows in a green and relaxing area, so that you can enjoy a wonderful vacation.

Bungalows for 5-6 people, and for 4 people.
Rooms with private bathroom for 2 people.

Camping Rio Nela is located just 200 meters away from the village center of Trespaderne.
It has 3 small,  medium and large swimming pools.
Activities for adults and children during all weekends of July and August.