Camping Valle en Medio

♦ Ávila ♦


Javier Úbeda, a mountain engineer responsible for the care, maintenance and exploitation of these mountains, included the unique and unrepeatable combination of peace and beauty in which one can enjoy the purest nature while at the same time receiving a sense of greatness behind Any way it would take.

Filled with tranquility and spirituality, it is not strange that he began to perceive the incredible beauty that surrounded him and to indicate it as the magic and the mystery that surrounds it.

He had to make these sensations known, and as a perfect connoisseur of the terrain and enthusiastic about his idea, he marked the paths we had to follow. Roads, paths for the best use of the mountain, trails for lovers of the mountain, strategically located refuges, dams, well-marked fountains and above all, the Camping, a central point of rest to enjoy the beauty, magic and mystery that surround these places.